Jumbie Beach

Well St. John Lovers -

The holidays are rapidly approaching with Thanksgiving just around the corner.  Man, this year has really flown by!  Just got back from “The Rock” where a lot of upgrades were performed on both villas.  New paint, minor repairs, new pool rafts and upgraded TV’s to bigger 42”.  Don’t want you to miss any of the season football action especially after getting stuffed with stuffing!  Oh, I guess I did carve out sufficient time to figure out how to lay on the raft, apply suntan lotion, drink cold beer and read a book all at the same time without getting wet.  Of course, this experiment indeed took two, 12 packs of green beer to perfect.  You can do pretty much the same think at Jumbie Bay Beach Below – well, maybe not do the lotion, beer and book at the same time but it’ll be fun to try.

Jumbie Beach

Jumbie Beach

This beach did not get its name from the African Jumbie invented by parents to scare kids.  Rather, the name comes from the Jumbie Trees which are at the beach as well as lots of sea grapes. 

If your looking to get away from noise, grandkids, other guests and just hide out for awhile this beach is perfect.  Its real easy to miss this little piece of heaven but a great experience when you find it which is pretty easy.  Just come out of Cruz Bay on the North Shore Road.  After going over the speed bumps look Oceanside and you will see a Jumbie sign.  Parking is very limited with only two or three spots right on the road.  That’s good and bad.  Get there early and likely you will be pretty much guaranteed peace and quiet, get there late and no place to park.  Now cross the road with your beach chairs (I provide only the best for my guests – Tommy Bahama), and ocean rafts from my villa – NO! NOT THE BRAND NEW $200 ONES IN THE POOL!  Use the ones marked “Ocean” which already have chunks outta them from past guests closing them in Jeep doors!  Also, get sammies from Sam and Jacks, one split in half is usually enough for two and of course, a cooler with your favorite canned beverage.

Take the short stair trip down and you have arrived!  Best to go when the Northside beaches are not rough or this little piece of paradise will get really rough. 

Don’t bother with snorkel gear really not much to see and other beaches are much better for turtles and rays.  Settle in for a great day of peace and quiet.  Enjoy!



I probably hear this more than anything else when someone inquiries about my villas.  The conversation goes something like this:

Guest – “I want the week of Friday to Friday in February ****”

Me – I have the week of Saturday to Saturday in February **** will this work for you?”

Guest – “No, I’ve already made flight reservations for Friday to Friday”

You as a potential guest partner have now committed a cardinal mistake!  Oh sure, very likely you can save a couple of hundred dollars or there’s space using frequent flier miles on Friday to Friday.  But you’ve just “painted yourself in a corner” and really are getting ready to get screwed by taking a place that was not your first choice or costing you big cancellation fees to now change to Saturday to Saturday arrival and departure.  Plus all the frustration and high blood pressure you are about to experience when truly you should be looking forward to a relaxing fun in the sun trip.  

See most owners (me included) at the better villas during high season, mid-December to mid-April only take Saturday to Saturday reservations.  “Why” you ask?  The demand is so high at the best villas “we” don’t need to take mid-week stays which result in “orphan” nights that are nearly impossible to rent.

When coming to St. John here is the sequence of events you should follow:

  1. Find and secure your villa first oh and by the way, my blog post of May 8th“Perfect Villa” explains how you should select a villa.
  2. Make airline reservations
  3. Rent a car.  Again, during high season this can be a problem if you wait too long you’ll be closed out of rentals and you better be prepared to fork out lots of taxi dollars or really be in great shape to hike the hills

When renting a place for a week during high season you should seriously start looking about nine months before arrival time.  And if you are considering two weeks than plan on at least a year out.


I really only have one week available until mid-February and that is January 7-14.  I had planned on taking it myself but it looks like I have another commitment for that week.  Therefore I have discounted Sopra Mare for these dates.  At Bordo Mare right now the only week available is President’s Week February 18th-25th and will discount that week also.

Just contact me at my website: Mulley's St. John Villas or my email: info@mulleysstjohnvillas.com


Back in early 2009 I was rolling south of Sacramento through the rich flat farmland of California early one morning when I spotted the biggest darn billboard I've ever seen right smack in the middle of a lettuce field. Musta been at least 50 fee long and 30 feet wide. As I got closer, I stopped the car a minute to carefully read it. 


Well it’s now nearly seven years later since I saw that sign.  I didn’t vote in the 2008 election and in fact, I hadn’t voted in most Presidential Elections.  But that farmer’s billboard really stuck with me and I voted in 2012 and now it’s again my turn and yours. 

I don’t care if you vote for “Lying Hillary” and Obamacare or for the “Crazy Buffon” that wants to build a wall.  But either way, take the time to vote next Tuesday or as the sign said – You’ll get exactly what you DAMN WELL DESERVE and don’t “whine” for the next four years!


Hope you liked the information provided and maybe it’ll add to your St. John vacation experience. Don't forget you can connect with Mulley's St. John Villas on Facebook.

Have a great Thanksgiving and I’ll “Leave The Lite On For You” at your new island home – Bordo Mare or Sopra Mare. 

Mike Mullen – Owner

But everyone just calls me “Mulley”