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Trunk Bay Beach. Photo © Susanna Henighan Potter.

Trunk Bay Beach. Photo © Susanna Henighan Potter.


This is the “Big One?”  The pride, joy and showplace of the United States Virgin Island National Park Service.  It is often listed as one of the top ten best beaches in the world.  I don’t know if I’d agree with that assessment.  But it most definitely is one of the greatest beaches in the United States including Hawaii.  No development of residential structures in sight.  The beach stretches for more than a quarter mile with pure white sand, palm trees and easy access.  We can again thank Mr. Rockefeller for donating this great beach!

Getting There

Pretty easy both with a car or by taxi.  Just take the North Shore Road out of Cruz Bay for approximately two and a half miles along the ocean.  Just before you arrive, pull over at the overlook above the beach for great pictures include this one above. 


Trunk Bay Beach includes souvenir shop, showers, restaurants and lifeguards.  The snack shop has all kinds of sandwiches and of course beer but I prefer their rum punch – it’s kick butt!

What To Do?

Top activity – snorkeling.  This is a must do for kids, seniors and water “frady cats!”  Take the underwater snorkel trail from the beach to Trunk Cay, that little island you see off the beach about two hundred yards.  Fauna is marked along the trail but I’ve always wondered how the Park Service get the fish to stay in one place all the time?

This and That

Day Pass price for Trunk is $5.00, kids under sixteen are free.  Of course, if you have a National Park Pass like I do, Senior Citizens just flash it and you’re in for free.  Just one of the perks of being old besides eating at Pancake House at a reduced rate.

Best time to go to Trunk is generally when they open at 8:00 am and stay til around 11:00 am.  I say this as cruise people generally arrive around 11:00 am and stay til 2:00 pm or so.  If there are cruise ships in you could well be rubbing elbows with a 1,000 pale skinned boat people carrying blue towels and it will reduce your enjoyment.  Also, trying to find a place to park late morning is really hard with all the safari taxies unloading and parking in the lot. 

I highly recommend Sunday’s for all day stays as cruise ships generally are not in port over on St. Thomas and locals won’t pay the $5.00 entrance fee.

If you haven’t done Trunk Bay Beach you need to.  Yep, there are forty-five other beautiful beaches on the island to explore but this place is a very unique experience and everyone should go at least once.


Well normally this is the section I tell you what I still have for rent at Sopra Mare and Bordo Mare but this month I’d like to address something different.

Owners and some managers each “claim” they have the best housekeeper on the island.  That’s a lot of BS, cause you see, I absolutely do!  I just got this message from a guest that’s staying at Bordo Mare for an extended period and I paraphrase here.  “Your Housekeeper, Adella really does an excellent job, we are amazed and would like to give her something for all her effort.  Please let us know how to contact her?”

Now Adella has been with me since I built the villa, and in fact, all site personal have been with me for years.  But Adella has demonstrated to me and obviously my guests that she goes “above and beyond” what is required.  When you’re in the villa business like I am it takes a team effort to constantly monitor the villas as well as a critical eye to details that need attention.  And of course, most important – the needs, requirements and comfort for each and every guest. 

I would like to thank Adella and the whole staff for making Sopra Mare and Bordo Mare for all these years and especially 2016 so successful!


Well, 2016 is rapidly coming to a close and the holidays are upon us.  It may not be politically correct anymore but what the hell – MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR, ok, ok and HAPPY HANUKKAH TO EVERYONE!


Hope you liked the information provided and maybe it’ll add to your St. John vacation experience. Don't forget you can connect with Mulley's St. John Villas on Facebook.

Have a great holiday and I’ll “Leave The Lite On For You” at your new island home – Bordo Mare or Sopra Mare. 

Mike Mullen – Owner

But everyone just calls me “Mulley”