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Happy Friday from Bordo Mare!! Wow!! What a wonderful vacation we've had so far!! My husband and I live in Indiana, and this is our sixth winter vacation to St. John. 

We were engaged in 2010, married here at Hawksnest Beach in 2012, decided for the first time last year to stay for two weeks instead of one, and decided this year to stay for THREE weeks!! I'm a Geriatric Care Manager and one of the things that I always ask my clients is, "Where would you go if you could go ANYWHERE in the world?"  Oftentimes they really have to think about it; they've either traveled extensively already, or really never left the safety of their hometown.  I can tell you this; ten years ago, if someone would have asked me that question, I would have said, London, Paris, Seoul, The USVI, Japan and India.  Now, I can very quickly narrow that list down.  I adopted my two children from South Korea as infants, so Seoul will always hold a special place in my heart, and although I've been here six years in a row, St. John never gets old! In fact, the more we return, the more familiar the people and places become.  I've become very familiar with one of the Saleswomen at Portico in Mongoose Junction, because a few years ago, in conversation, she mentioned that her friend's husband had Alzheimer's Disease, and I gave her my business card, and told her to please have her friend reach out to me if she ever needed anything.  I was also serving on the Indiana Board of Directors for the Alzheimer's Association at the time.  Each year since then, Portico is my first stop, and she never fails to remember me by name.  This island has held a very special place in our hearts for six years, and for the previous five, we've stayed at a different house each year.  Not anymore.  This is the first time that we've stayed in Bordo Mare, and I can tell you, without reservation, it did not disappoint, and it will not be the last!  The sunsets from the deck are absolutely spectacular, and I'm not sure how they can be anymore beautiful here than they are anywhere else on the island, but, I'm telling you, they are.  The pool is wonderful, the outside shower is very nice, and it really does feel like your home away from home.  When we talk to our family and friends back home, and they ask what we did on a particular day, and we say, "We stayed home, lounged around the pool, came in and napped, went back out to the pool, fixed dinner on the grill, ate on the deck and watched the sunset and were in bed by 9:00 pm."  They're response is, "WHAT???  Are you NUTS?? You're on VACATION!!! Don't you want to go DO SOMETHING?? OR SEE SOMETHING??" You see, they have no idea, yes, we love the beach, we love the shops in town, and we love going out to eat.  But, believe me when I tell you, this place, this little piece of paradise, Bordo Mare, really is vacation enough.  You have the beautiful ocean just below you, with the waves crashing against the shore, you have the fabulous sunset, and the stunningly beautiful ships and sailboats passing by, and on top of that, you have the daily visits from the Iguanas.  That, my friends, sounds like paradise to me!  Call or email my friend, Mulley, if you too are ready for a little piece of paradise!