Little Hawksnest Beach - June 2016

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Weekend - cooked some doggies and hamburgers, got that homemade potato salad and generally had a great relaxing last weekend whatever you did.

Little Hawksnest Beach

Little Hawksnest Beach

Ok, plan on a fun filled few hours at this hidden treasure just a short distance from the likely big crowds of better known Hawksnest.  But I guess, if you're from the East Coast twenty people at this beach doesn't look very crowded.  Does it?  Easy to get to, just take the North Shore Road til you see the parking lot for Hawksnest and park as close to the left as you can in the lot.  Get out your small coolers, towels, (both at Sopra and Bordo Mare) hats, sunscreen and wear sneakers or water shoes.  Also, snorkel gear if you want but this little place is not the best for it.  Get on the Hawksnest Beach and as your facing the water walk to the far left side of the beach and you'll see a small narrow trail along the water.  Take it about 300 yards and you have now arrived at Little Hawksnest Beach. 

This beach will likely be deserted, so what you do with your bathing suits is your business.  Just remember, tooooo much sun on that never exposed backside for more than thirty minutes in the hot St. John sun and you'll be likely standing for the rest of your vacation eating dinner and puttin aloe on those exposed sun burnt parts every few minutes.  Enjoy the day at this little piece of heaven with lots of privacy.  Good idea you check the tide and go when it's low.  Oh, you'll still have beach at high tide but much more impressive and wider at low tide.  


You savvy St. John travelers probably already knew this, but darned if I did.  Several months ago four of us were sitting around in the evening drinking my cheap a** Kendall Jackson Chard when the discussion turned to credit cards.  Now three of us were males and we charge about $800K a year combined for business and personal expense.  While the sole female charges around $40K/year. 

It just happened that this sole female and I took a trip to NYC in January.  One way my cost for miles was 40K hers - 14K and in addition she had free checked bag and number one priority boarding.  I, on the other hand, paid for my bag and was so far down in boarding I think it said last on the ticket!

Here's the reason, I used normal Visa - she used Visa United Airlines card.  We both get the same points/purchase one mile/one dollar.  However, when United sees their reward card is being used they give a significant break to that individual on mileage requirements, while I used a Visa, actually Marriott Rewards card they penalize me.

Normally she pays about 25K for a roundtrip ticket, I pay 40K for the same ticket.

So, if you are not signed up for United, Delta, or American you better be - the rewards from these airline cards are substantial.  In addition to getting 30K miles just for me signing up, I also now get free first bag, priority boarding and a couple of club passes a year.  This is a "no brainer!"

Only took me twenty-five years to figure it out and about a $100 in cheap Kendall Jackson.


Well summer is either upon us or just around the corner.  I still have several weeks at Sopra Mare for July and both Bordo and Sopra Mare are pretty much open for August.  If you can hold out on your reservation until August 13th-September 30th I am offering a 25% discount for Saturday to Saturday weeks. 

Of course you can now find both villas on my personal website: or they are listed on VRBO either Sopra Mare VRBO 251854 or Bordo Mare VRBO 465589.  But if you look at VRBO prices which are really screwed up don't be concerned about their "Service Fee" I don't charge it.  I look forward to you "never evers" contacting me and if you mention this newsletter I'll give you a 5% discount. You can reach me at my email address or if you want to ask some questions - give me a call (972) 679-9937 I'll be happy to help you whatever your villa choice is.


Hope you liked the information provided and maybe it'll save you a buck or two on your next trip. I'll try and put out something useful every month or so.

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Have a great Summer and I'll "Leave the Light On For You," and of course, I'll see you on St. John!

Mike Mullen - Owner Sopra & Bordo Mare

(But everyone just calls me Mulley)


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