Little Maho Beach - July 2016

This is a great hidden beach and pretty easy to find.  But before you get started here’s a couple of ideas.  Pack a small cooler with drinks and ice plus bring along two big sealing baggies.  Then stop at North Shore Deli, use to be Deli Grotto but it sold back in late 2014.

Happy to report sammy’s are as great as ever.  The deli is located in Mongoose Junction.  For about ten bucks you can get a sandwich big enough to share – unless you’re a really big eater.  If you fit in this big eater category than I recommend the Pirate Piggy with roast pork, ham, cheese and other stuff on a sub roll.  But for us reasonable eaters – then a roast beef will satisfy two appetites very nicely and are great.

You’re on your way!  Continue up the hill from Mongoose on the North Shore Road.  There’s some great pull overs for absolutely beautiful pics of the beaches and Cruz Bay Harbor.  Continue on North Shore Road past all the famous beaches, up and down the steep hills and you will come to Maho which is just before you make a 90 degree right turn. Park in the lot on right side.

Ok, put your sammy and drinks in the large baggie and double bag it.  Or if you’re really smart you have a water proof bag with you and can use that.

Facing the ocean go to the far right, don your snorkel gear and swim around the point. Oh, don’t worry, it’s about 100 ft. around the point and if I can make it after drinking cheap wine and smoking you darn well can. You now have arrived at Little Maho!  Likely as not, you are the only ones there so bathing suits are pretty much optional. But if you leave your butt out too long in the sun you won’t be sitting on anything except a bag of ice for two days – so be a little careful. 

Hope you enjoy Little Maho and have a great experience.

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This is always a problem, so let me attempt to tell you some tips to maximize your St. John experience. One suitcase for two is the maximum needed. I’ve seen people staying for a week with three large suitcases each!

Here are some tips:

For women – no jewelry, makeup, hairspray, high heels. 

To pack for your week:

Two bathing suits and a cover up, tennies,  flip/flops, large brim hat, 2 shorts, a sun dress, sandals,  one of each; short and long sleeve tops and two tees. And of course, mosquito spray, I like Deets and Burts, but your choice.  Suntan oil or spray at least #40 it doesn’t really make much of a difference if you opt for a higher number – really isn’t more effective.

For Men – Plenty of CASH!  Visa or Master Card as most places don’t take Amex – too expensive for the merchants. 

For clothes:

Again two bathing suits, flip/flops, tennies two shorts and tee shirts, baseball cap, one collared short sleeve shirt and pair of long pants.  No socks and most locals don’t wear underwear.  In fact, you can’t even buy it on the island.  That’s pretty much it.

If the suitcase “ain’t” less than 40 pounds then start over, cause you’ve just packed way too much stuff.  St. John is not St. Barts, we really could care less how important and rich you are in the real world.  St. John is about relaxing and enjoying the laid back experience not showing off.


I still have a bunch of weeks in August and September at Sopra Mare with a 25% discount for two Sat to Sat.  Normally a week would cost $3,800 but with your discount the all-inclusive price is $2,874 about a $1,000 savings!  Weather in August is usually great.

At Bordo Mare I have July 30th-Aug 6th week which is high summer season and I really would like to get it rented.  So, I’m offering the same discount for this week as for my “Value Season” weeks of August 13th-Sept 30th.  Normal price for two is usually $4,100 but I’m pricing this last week of late July/early August the same as my “Value Season” with 25% off at an all-inclusive price of $3,071 a little more than a $1,000 savings to you.  I believe this July 30th-Aug 6th week will go really quickly, we’ll see.

Of course, you can find both of my villas with all my previous monthly newsletters and information on my website:

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Have a great Summer and I’ll “Leave The Lite On For You” at your new island home – Bordo Mare or Sopra Mare. 

Mike Mullen – Owner Bordo Mare & Sopra Mare

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