Reef Bay - August 2016


Reef Bay

There are two ways to get to Reef Bay – boat or hike.  Now before you “couch potatoes” jump out of your barcaloungers and hit the delete button when you saw the word “hike” hear me out and stop your “whining!”  This is considered the National Park crown jewel and will bring you a lot of adventure with a splash of increased knowledge about the island people, fauna, and just possibly some great waterfalls.

It is a three mile hike which takes approximately four hours. It is mostly downhill so obviously not really a hike, more of a slow walk.  Unless you’re in a wheel chair you da** well can do it.  If I can do it after abusing my body for years – you can!  Best to experience this call to nature with an experienced National Park Guide that knows everything about the area.  You start of at the National Park Visitors center and are transported to the trailhead on Centerline Road.  Reef Bay National Park hike is extremely popular and if hiked during December through mid April, reservations should be made at least three months in advance as they only take a maximum of thirty-one people a day.  Contact the National Park at or 340-693-PARK, cost is $40.00/person. 

You know those cute little hooked bracelets all the women buy on St. John?  You’ll have a chance to see the petroglyphs they were designed after.  Another possibility is waterfalls, especially if it rained a couple of days prior to you hike.

Here’s the best part!  You only have to hike one-way as the Sadie Seas boat will pick you up right at Reef Bay and take you on about a thirty minute boat ride back to the National Park Visitors Center where you started.  Along the South Shore route you will see a lot of villas and all three I’ve built. First, Tesori, high on the mountain with a gazebo on the right side and stone turret on the left.  Then comes Bordo and Sopra Mare Villas, one right on water’s edge.

For this adventure bring: a liter of water, sneakers or hiking boots, sunscreen and bug spray.  I suggest you stop at North Shore Deli in Mongoose Junction and get a sandwich for lunch.

Little known rumor and I can’t say with certainty it actually happened – But apparently Lady Bird Johnson wife of LBJ, the 36th President of the United States and really the first to beautify the roads of Texas took this same Reef Bay hike many years ago.  When she got to Reef Bay she needed to relieve herself and was forced to move away from the crowd and drop draws in the bushes.  Soon after full time toilets were erected at the end of the trail by the bay.  Not sayin it’s true, Just sayin 



I’ve made this trip by air to St. Thomas probably a hundred times over the last ten years if not more.  In about ten cases I’ve lost my bags.  Doesn’t make a difference if you fly direct from Miami to St. Thomas, it happens.  Gremlins will be at work and lost bags are a fact of life.  Ok, don’t panic.  Take your bag claim checks to the nice ladies at the lost bag counter.  Give them all information.  They will contact you and let you know what ferry your bag is on and just go to the dock and pick it up.  Pretty simple. 

In most cases, your bag will appear on the next inbound air flight and on the next ferry.  But gotta say, in some cases, your bags will be delivered to St. Martin.  Hey, don’t ask me why, it’s just part of the island experience.  But eventually, it will show up.  Now if you’re taking a Tortola sailboat, then you’re really screwed!  But that’s not your problem!  They better have packed a bathing suit in their carry on.


I absolutely “hate” widows and orphans!  No, I don’t per say hate either of them.  To me, widows and orphans are five or six nights that I have open between reservations and they aren’t easy to fill.  I’ll do about anything to fill them up and here’s where you get a GREAT BIG DISCOUNT!  I have available right now:

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So, until next month, enjoy life, and I’m on St. John right now and look for each and every one of you here soon  – I’ll be the guy drinking Heineken at the Beach Bar.  Oops! That could be about anyone.