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Whitesand Bay

Whitesand Bay


This absolutely is one of St. John’s “hidden beaches” and usually not on tourist beach maps.   It’s a little off the beaten track.  This beach is best reached by kayak (oh, stop whining you got enough energy to get there).  Besides take a lunch and a sufficient quantity of Heineken and it’ll be a short trip and well worth it.

Anyway, rent the kayak in Coral Bay, there are several places and leave your car.  Ask the rental company directions to whitesand beach.  But it’s pretty easy to find, just follow the shoreline to Hurricane Hole and it’s about 100 yards away.  You’ll see it once you round the point.

Good beach to get “naked” but don’t forget - you expose that puny skin more than an hour or so and you’ll be sittin on a rubber ring for the next couple of days with a sunburn that will drive you crazy.


This is a great beach to throw down a towel, enjoy the privacy, listen to the ocean and get a little sun. 

Snorkeling, while not the best on the island, you should see some small fish, a few eels and maybe a starfish or two plus some good coral outcroppings. 

I recommend you don’t stay much past 1:00 pm thus allowing you to take a long break at “Angel’s Rest” floating bar and enjoying a couple of great rum punch drinks while you chat with the locals.  Then proceed back to the kayak rental place.


So, you booked a week on St. John?  Seven glorious days and seven starlet nights – right?  Hold on partner, you don’t get that.  See, your first day usually Saturday is normally all consumed with traveling and you likely arrive late afternoon or God Forbid on a 9:30 American Airline flight and ultimately get to St. John around 11:00 pm. 

On departure gotta be out of the villa by 10:00 am regardless whether you have a late afternoon flight or not. 

See you really get a total of six full days and six and a half nights – you just got “screwed” outta one day!

I recommend you arrive on Friday and spend the night on St. Thomas.  Then early Saturday arrive at the villa with your bags.  My housekeepers will put them in the villa for you. Now you have the rest of Saturday to go to the beach, shop or just walk around town til your 3:00 pm official check in. 

Yep, it costs you a hotel room on St. Thomas but there are several in walking distance to the airport and you will wake Saturday morning refreshed and ready for vacation.
Just sayin


I’m getting booked up fast at both Sopra Mare and Bordo Mare.  In fact, I only have three weeks total open in March/April during this remaining high season. 

So, if you’re thinking of staying with me better hurry.

If not with me then you really need to more fast for any weeks in March or April at the better villas. 

Also, don’t dally in renting a car or you’ll be walking up and down some steep hills getting to your favorite bar for a Pain Killer.


Hope you liked the information provided and maybe it’ll add to your St. John vacation experience.

Have a great winter and I’ll “Leave The Lite On For You” at your new island home – Bordo Mare or Sopra Mare. 

Mike Mullen – Owner

But everyone just calls me “Mulley!”


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