Recognize this beach? When you come out of Cruz Bay travel about two miles from the center of town along North Shore Road. This beach is the first major one with good parking. Has some restroom facilities but no other amenities. Easy parking, so grab your picnic lunch that you just bought at Sam & Jack’s located on the 3rd floor of Market Place where Starfish Market resides.  
Sam & Jack’s - great sammies, I especially like the Uncle Peep which essentially is a roasted turkey with cranberry/walnut sauce. For $12.00 this “bad boy” will easily feed two beach hungry people. For a little more add their $3.00 dill potato salad. A couple of cans of beer and you’re all set to party all day at:


I recommend you get there about 10:00 am to 11:00 am depending time of year on St. John. During high season, earlier the better, but off season you’ll have no parking problem all day. This beautiful sandy white beach in the National Park has lots of available shade and some picnic tables.  
I usually go to the left on Hawksnest as it’s more private for what little snorkeling is available – it’s best at this area as it has a shallow reef out about fifteen yards or so from shore. Expect to see an occasional sea turtle or ray; but honestly, there are much better places to snorkel on the island.  
Grab you book or eBook, relax in a cushy beach chair while allowing the hypnotic mesmerizing ocean waves to roll over your feet in the warm sand and water.
Don’t forget your hat and sunscreen!


U’all are making this too difficult. Got lots of emails saying “I can’t come up with a lot of email addresses.” So, let me give you an example of how I hoped this would work.

Let’s suppose you work at “Thai Happy Ending Massage Parlor.” You got lots of customers – right? Consider me your pimp but I don’t want money. What I want is email addresses to feed our little monthly newsletter and have it expand.  
Simple and easy enough, pull out your iPhone and just email a list of your customers.  
Ok, Ok, maybe the Massage parlor was a bad analogy. Let’s move to a more practical example.
Suppose you work in the field of law, medical, accounting, construction or for that matter, pretty much anywhere where you interface with others. Again, whip out your cell and give me a list of emails for associates, vendors, clients, co-workers or whomever.
That’s all you have to do. It is then my responsibility to contact each person. I will ask them if they would like to be included in the monthly newsletter or not. Be assured, I fully respect their decision if they don’t want receive UR St. John Fix! Newsletter.
Now with your ever increasing number of emails that I keep track for you chances of winning one of the four free weeks at either Sopra Mare or Bordo Mare greatly increases.
So, if you haven’t signed up for the contest – now’s the time.
Email me at mtbgroup@hughes.net in the subject line put in “Opt In.” In the body give me your name and the list of emails you want to add for the contest.  
Got any questions or like to talk about the contest just contact me (972) 679-9937 or of course email me.


Hope everyone had a great July 4th holiday. Summer is in full swing for pretty much all of you. Good time to go to St. John for a week. Flights are reasonable, beaches not crowded all, restaurants open for business.  
While of course, I always want you to stay at Sopra Mare or Bordo Mare it’s no problem if you’re looking at other villas. I know every single two bedroom villa in the greater Cruz Bay area and the advantages disadvantages of each. Just let me know what you are considering and I’ll give you a fair honest assessment on two or three you might possibly rent.  

I’m always trying out new things. So, click on the end of this newsletter to see my “digital handshake.” If you get a minute drop me a line and let me know what you think?  Is it “hokey” or what? My feelings won’t be hurt with criticism.
Hope you liked the information provided and just maybe it’ll add a little something to your St. John vacation experience.
Have a great summer. I’ll “Leave The Lite On” for you at your island home – Bordo Mare and Sopra Mare.
Mike Mullen – But everyone just calls me “Mulley”
Past newsletters and other information can be found on my website: www.mulleysstjohnvillas.com