Almost done with repairs!

Hey? Is this you?


Or – Is this where you're dreaming of right now?


Hey, how’s the weather on the East Coast? See, we don’t really know much about it cause the only TV’s are in the bars and they are tuned to sports all day. It was tough the first couple of days kinda like an addict withdrawal. Then you know what? After about the third day I really don’t miss TV. Had a chance between repair projects to catch up on a couple of good books by the pool.  
You know I’m always marketing but this is the truth. I’m pleasantly surprised by the number of guests staying on St. John for early January. You can tell them real quick as this year’s rental car color choice is white and there’s quite a few on the road. Also, you can tell they are tourists when they forget which side of the road to drive on and head right toward you in your lane blowing their horn at me like they own the road. Only at the last minute with the driver’s wife screaming at him to get on the LEFT side of the road.
Repair projects have taken longer and more expensive than expected thanks primarily to Home Depot! They lost materials, Tropical Shipping forgot to send them, so in some cases, I’ve just given up and order replacements sent directly to St. John. But the 10th we will have 95% of repairs done and just waiting on odds and ends – a ceiling fan, blinds, a pendant light, garbage disposal button. Big things are all done this week – doors, windows, a/c, new furniture and art pieces.
I’m trying my best to get out of here with minor things left to my manager to finish.


Personally, I’m starting to see rentals, particularly for February and March, pick up. In fact, I rented three weeks this past week during this period. Likely it’s due to the large discounts I’m giving as I’ve reduced weekly prices from high season rates to summer rates. Just if your interested and the northeast cold spell hasn’t numbed your brain here is the weeks I still have left for the two months at my villas:


Here’s the best part! Bordo Mare and Sopra Mare will now rent at lower than “summer rates” with a 40% total discount! For two at Sopra Mare, that means all-inclusive $3,667 and for Bordo Mare $4,699 for a week. So, if you live in the Northeast this is the time to take advantage of these prices they will never be lower. By the way, the temperature is 78 degrees today, put your snow shovel away and come on down!


Well folks it’s Saturday and I have to get to St. John Hardware (referred to by me as “Tiffney’s” due to their prices!). Know this one is short but thought you’d appreciate the efforts made by everyone on St. John for IRMA recovery. The island fauna has come back and even a lot of palms are now showing new growth. Restaurants are continuing to open and more villas will be coming online for rental shortly.  

Oh, by the way it’s 78 degrees here today!  Eat your heart out!