Need a beach break?


Lets face it. For all of you that have "real" jobs where you are accountable to someone eight hours a day, five days a week. This past week was a real bummer. You were "screwed" royally! I believe July 4th should be permanently moved to Friday or Monday. Because this year when the 4th fell on Wednesday what could you do? Oh, you could take two days of precious vacation, or of course, call in sick. Like your boss would really believe that one.

But there's hope for each of you treading in the gerbil continuous metal cage. Looking just a little forward (well actually a hell of a long way off) July 4th 2019 falls on Thursday. Now with that day, it's not a stretch to call in sick, take a day of vacation. But my all-time favorite has always been a personal business day (I like this one because no one can ask what it is). Bosses all always curious about personal days but they don’t have a clue if it's a doctor's appointment or your all-day AA Group Meeting. In any event, you will definitely get a four day weekend in 2019!  


By the way, for you lapsed AA Members give the Longboard frozen Pain Killers a try and while getting a "brain freeze" from one of them while contemplating your return to civilization and resuming your lapsed AA Meetings.

I, on the other hand, have always treated holidays as a special day to get lots of work done without interruption. No, I'm not against holidays nor am I a religious person that doesn't celebrate holidays. It's just I don't get into the spirit except for Thanksgiving when it's all about the food where I'm always the first to the table with knife and fork in hand.

By the way, did you know the Virgin Islands officially has 13 holidays not including "Unofficial" Carnival Days when the island stands still. No wonder the Virgin Islands government is broke their always too damn busy plotting their next holiday!

Your poor mainland workers on the other hand only get 10 official holidays. 


Hey, is the picture below where you and your family spent last week? Well if you live near the East Coast likely this was the beach scene you encountered.


Or you could have been here where last week the turtles generally outnumbered the beach goers.


This beach lost a lot of shade as a result of the hurricane. But locals and people like you have made a difference by planting a number of new palms on the beach. Oh, some won't make it but if "we" keep doing it - some just might. When you go to the beach and finish with your cooler of cold Heinekens find a little tree and put your ice and water on it. Next time you visit it will be a foot taller!


And the weekly rental deals continue at Sopra Mare and Bordo Mare! August is full but if you're crazy enough to come in September and early October your pricing is discounted by more than 25%. The later part of the year October to Christmas week is also greatly reduced. No other discounts are allowed for the remainder of 2018.  

I tried to get post hurricane pics of both villas done this month but due to schedule conflicts they won't be available until late August. Also, this Fall we will do a total redesign of web site. I think it will be much easier to use and allow for quick search of past newsletters. I'll keep you posted on progress.


Here comes summer - enjoy. In the meantime "I'll Leave the Lite On" at your now island home. Thank you for putting up again with my observations and off the grid remarks. Hope you enjoyed this little taste of St. John.

Mike Mullen

But you can just call me "Mulley"