Need Somewhere to Travel This Winter?


I get so confused this time of year? I don’t know what to say about the coming dates. Do I say “Merry Christmas?” No, that’s likely to offend all my non-Christian friends. Then how about “Seasons Greetings?” Well, I could say that but then again when is the season over? After New Year’s? After Spring Break?” Hmm, you can see my problem can’t you? 
Before the internet I had appropriate cards by the boxful I sent to each person for the days they celebrated. Had cards for Christians with “Merry Christmas” on them. Had “Happy Hanukkah” cards that I sent to my Jewish friends. Now with the internet and hardly anyone sending out Hallmark Card anymore I’m basically “screwed!”
So, I’ve chosen to go with HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and your family. But I will stop saying it immediately after New Year’s. Even saying that – I’m likely to get trashed for some non PC (Political Correct) thing I’ve done. So be it and kiss my a—but in the meantime if you don’t like it.

Happy Holidays!



Now you really want to go to this beach but it’s not so easy to get to as North Shore Beaches. However, for those of you willing to go a little off the tourist path this just might be perfect for you and definitely worth the effort. 
Directions: Take Centerline Road at the traffic circle – Dolphin Market will now be on your left all the way to Coral Bay this is Route 10. Lot’s of picture places along the way, drive slow as you will likely see donkeys on the road as you get close to Coral Bay. Please don’t feed them people food crap enough tourists already do that. But a carrot or two in your pocket will likely get you a great donkey pic. At the bottom of a steep hill as you approach Coral Bay will be a T take this right turn along the water for about 3.5 miles. The road will wind and climb and you’ll have great Coral Bay views. Where the road turns sharp right there will be parking opposite.
From there it’s a pretty easy downhill trek - less than a quarter of a mile to the beach and water’s edge. White sandy beach just like the movies awaits you. I recommend you stay within a couple hundred yards of shore as it can get a little rough at times farther out. Remember all the stuff you carried down the hill “must” come up at the end of the day. 
Snorkeling can be pretty good here with a couple of rays in residence and generally lots of fish and a few turtles. Also, since IRMA there has been less people and you may very well find you have the beach practically to yourself.  Enjoy!
OH! Where are you?

Salt Pond!


It looks like the airlines have really messed up my Christmas rentals! Normally I’m booked for Christmas months in advance. But nope not this year. Both Bordo Mare and Sopra Mare are available. Don’t have any holiday plans this year? It will be the perfect time to get ten or eleven nights total for the price of Christmas week!
For Christmas week at Sopra Mare December 22nd-29th I'll give you instead of seven nights TEN FOR THE PRICE OF CHRISTMAS WEEK from December 19th all the way to December 29th!  
At Bordo Mare, I'll give you four additional nights with Christmas week of December 22nd-29th! The nights of December 18, 19, 20, 21 that's a total of ELEVEN NIGHTS FOR THE COST OF SEVEN! Again, it's not a whole lot more than my summer rate and definitely less than my Winter High Season Rate/Night! 
So, email: and let's discuss. Hope you liked the information provided and maybe it’ll add to your St. John vacation experience. Don't forget you can connect with me at: Mulley's St. John Villas on Facebook.
Have a great Holiday Season and I’ll “Leave The Lite On For You” at your new island home – Bordo Mare or Sopra Mare. See all of you in 2019! 
Mike Mullen
But you can just call me “Mulley”