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Well if this newsletter isn’t all you want – TOUGH!  I pretty much burned myself out last month making the “One Year Anniversary of IRMA” video. Right now I’m sitting in the kitchen of Bordo Mare with morning coffee in hand soon to be a Heineken. I keep looking at the clock to see if it’s noon yet? 
Guess I gotta wait – only 7:30 am here – hum gotta be noon somewhere in the world? London, that’s it, London, so let me throw out this damn coffee and get a bottle of liquid gold and write a little more drivel you all seem to enjoy so much. Did you ever notice it’s perfectly acceptable to start drinking a beer at 7:30 am here on St. John but not where you live? 
Your friends, co-workers and especially your boss would definitely label you with a severe drinking problem. Here we just use alcohol as method to stay hydrated or at least that’s what all my friends who start drinking at 7:00 am tell me.
This month, something entirely different - back to a beach next month for sure. Honestly, needed this two week island at the villas after the year I’ve had with IRMA and all.


Since coming to this island more than a dozen years ago I’ve always had two goals. 

First, build the very best villa I could using top materials and skilled labor. That mission has been accomplished as you that have stayed with me can attest to.

Secondly, Get on a plane with only two things in my pocket.  Benjamin Franklins and two keys. One for my island car and one to the villa. That’s it, nothing more.

Over the last ten years I have reduced the size but not eliminated the suitcase. It use to be they would be stuffed with electrical, plumbing and other stuff needed as I built villas. Now, it’s entire different as seen below.

oct2018 newsletter.jpg

You likely have clothes in your suitcase – right? Not me, clothes stay in the islands.
Shoes – these are my new water shoes old ones lasted nine years. Thought I’d add a splash of color this time instead of just black. Figure when I meet someone from now on they’ll just tell their friends when talking about me, “Oh, you know the guy, he’s the one with the “faggie” shoes.”
Book – Clive Cussler has written a zillion books and I’ve read every single one. He now really just stamps his name on the books and leaves the writing to others. I guess at 87 he can sure do what he wants.
Coffee – I totally enjoy Hazelnut coffee but damn here on the island it’s way too sweet and costs $14.00 a bag. I just buy it at Kmart for $7.98 and bring it along.
Cookies – Love Oreo’s but they tend to be stale here on St. John.
Jiffy Corn Bread - I always make a big pot of chili for the guys I know here on the island. Can’t have chili without good corn bread – can you?
Checkbooks - I got checkbooks for various endeavors I’m involved in so I never know when and which I will need so I just bring three of the most often used accounts, just in case.
That’s pretty much it for contents of my checked back which by the way was lost by American Airlines on this trip but showed up dockside St. John the next evening.
But that’s not all folks! In addition to the checked bag above I have a rolling office I know I can’t leave behind as everything in it is valuable, necessary and vital to my daily survival as detailed below:


Suntan Lotion – Really don’t know why TSA let me through with this big bottle of lotion. Maybe it was the fact I was on a 1:27am flight and no one is stupid enough to hijack a plane at that crazy hour.
Passport – Inside is 500 Dominican Republic pesos just in case we are hijacked and need a beer or two in the Santo Domingo airport while Federales board and shoot all the bad guys. I usually try and give my Virgin Island Driver’s License to TSA when going through the checkpoints. It drives them nuts and invariably they will call over a supervisor and huddle trying to determine if the Virgin Islands is really part of the United States.
Bose – I’m not much of a talker on planes and have found putting on headphones immediately say’s in a subtle manner to my fellow traveler “Leave Me Alone.”
Tee Shirt – I get cold on planes but especially in Miami airport where it seems like the air conditioning is set to just above freezing! Upon landing in St. Thomas I take off two layers of clothing and put on my island tee.
Electronics – That rectangle black box is absolutely great. It holds 8 iPhone charges or another 6 hours of juice for my laptop. Don’t know why it took me so long to get one. Well, actually I do know, it was a gift last month for my birthday. 
Miscellaneous – I’m always running out of checks so extra pack is always good. That little silver box to the left of pens is very special to me and is engraved with my initials. And last, but not least keys for Bordo Mare and Sopra Mare plus car keys.
Guess I’ll never get to the islands with just keys unless of course, when I’m cremated someone stuffs the keys in my pocket just before they push me into the fire! 


Don’t know why someone didn’t grab these two weeks at Bordo Mare and Sopra Mare the weather is absolutely perfect. It’s my plan to spend a week at each villa and make improvements. Redoing the pool at Bordo Mare, new slings for the lounge chairs, new rafts and a bunch of little things that always seem to be cropping up. 
You all have made this a great recovery year for me. Oh, I’m down in rents but definitely in better shape than most island owners now getting back up and running. So, on that note here’s what I have available for this year.
Sopra Mare – One week November 17th
For Both Sopra Mare and Bordo Mare I have Christmas Week December 22-29 and if your interested I can add three nights before that week at each place at a great discounted price - so why not turn a seven night vacation into a great ten nights here on St. John? 
I actually have some weeks left in the first quarter of 2019 but not many so if it looks like a snowy year that the Farmer’s Almanac predicts you better get moving for a week or two.
Of course, you as readers to this trashy newsletter get a 5% discount just for asking and return guests know they’ll get a lot more.
Hope you liked the information provided and maybe it’ll add to your St. John vacation experience. Don't forget you can connect with Mulley's St. John Villas on Facebook.
Have a great Fall and I’ll “Leave The Lite On For You” at your new island home – Bordo Mare or Sopra Mare. 

Mike Mullen

But you can just call me “Mulley”