Time for Another Beach? Maybe So!



At precisely 7:25 am, February 2nd on Gobbler’s Knob the 131 year old Punxsutawney Phil made his presence on a walker surrounded by reporters. Announcing after not seeing his shadow, Winter would stop in exactly six weeks. He did not take questions but concluded the press conference by stating 100% accuracy as he continues to predict St. John will not have snow. 
He then shuffled off to his subterranean condo without further discussion.
Now you gotta understand something about Phil. Over more than a century this “rodent” has been correct precisely 39% of the time. That is to say your odds of being more correct by flipping a coin in the air.
I, in fact, put this concept to the test and flipped a coin ten times and six out of ten it came up heads. What does that mean to you? Well after I flipped the coin I decided heads meant more winter not less for the Northeast.
So, keep your shovels handy!

Whats new…?

Whats new…?



This beach was featured in one of my very first newsletters to you and one of my favorites. 

mermaids-chair-st-john (1).jpg

To reach this little piece of private heaven from Cruz Bay take North Shore Road past Hawksnest Beach. You’ll see a white picket fence oceanside. Immediately past is an iron gate – park on either side of the gate but never in front of it, this is Oppenheimer Beach. Walk down the concrete road through the gate. From here you’ll snorkel or swim to the right.  Just outta sight around the first point is the beach.  Good chance to get naked in the late afternoon! Oh! Where are you?



It looks like villa and hotel prices will be going up next year due to high demand and lack of a number of dwellings – approximately 20% of all rentals are not on the market. Tourist traffic is also down to 70% to 75% pre-hurricane but it will pose problems for you to find a suitable villa to fill your requirements. This also applies to rental cars. This is the first time I have heard guests could not find a rental car for the week and was forced to use taxis.
Summer is just around the corner and your “rug” rats will be looking for your Summer Vacation Plans - it’s not too early. I have been full at both Sopra Mare and Bordo Mare from start of 2019 to mid-May without a single night open. So don’t procrastinate I’m already seeing some Winter 2020 high season bookings from Returning Guests.
Yes, I know it’s a hard choice to make and yes, lodging is expensive but give St. John some serious thought about returning or coming for the first time. If not staying at my places – Sopra Mare and Bordo Mare (and you’ll forever regret it if you don’t) than stay someplace on the island. You’ll have warm memories that’ll make you smile for a lifetime of the beaches, views, laughing and total enjoyment St. John offers.

Enjoy the remainder of Winter wherever you are. I’ll “Leave The Lite On For You” at your new island home – Bordo Mare or Sopra Mare. See all of you soon. 

Mike Mullen
But you can just call me “Mulley”
Call: (972) 679-9937