Is St. John ready for visitors again?

Every once in a while I come across something that I think is special and needs to be shared with you. Below is a video - I cannot take credit for the original.

I have been communicating via email with Matt Landau for the past three or four years. He founded an organization named Vacation Rental Marketing Blog (VRMB). Starting off with a handful of subscribers and now after a number of years approaching 1,000 members.

  • He changed the way I present St. John to you.

  • If not for him, this monthly newsletter wouldn’t exist.

  • If not for him I would not always take the approach “Guest Above All Else.”

  • If not for him I might not have realized the tiniest detail needs to be perfect.

Anyway, you get the idea – he transformed the way I market Sopra Mare and Bordo Mare to you. Several months ago he visited St. John for the very first time, filming the experience as a “newby.”

His video was about twenty-three minutes long. My “geekie tech” and I edited this down to about eight minutes. I know a very few of you have the attention span of a goldfish – 8 seconds before you “click” to the next site. And definitely a twenty plus minute video would lose your attention.

So, Matt here’s to you! I truly hope I have captured the essence of your video in my short. Thank you for permission to use it.



Man, I can’t believe how quickly 2020 is renting! However, now that school is out and your plans are in progress St. John is awaiting your Summer arrival. Lots of June thru August weeks still open. Let me know.


Hey, I’m always getting tons of questions from prospective or returning guests and I love them. Sometimes it makes me think and do a little research which I thoroughly enjoy. But then again, there are times I get questions like below:

Question – What is the drive time now like, from St. Thomas to St. John after the hurricanes?
Answer – It will take you exactly 8 minutes on the brand new bridge scheduled for completion in 2040!

Question – Are there mosquitos on the island?
Answer – Naw! But please leave at the villa upon departure - Deets, Deep Woods, a bed closure, electric mosquito racket and a citronella candle for the next guests.

Question – I’m single and I want to find attractive men on St. John.
Answer – Go to the Beach Bar, have three Pain Killers in an hour. Then we’ll all look pretty damn attractive to you.

Question – I want to buy some marijuana. Where is the safest place?
Answer – Colorado!


Well you’ve again survived my monthly “Ur St. John FiX.” Hopefully, I’ve added a little something to make you smile or laugh out loud. In any event, I got your attention for ten minutes it took you to read the above and you forget about being on a gerbil cage wheel eight hours a day.

See you on St. John and “I’ll Leave the Lite On For You” until you arrive!

Mike Mullen – Owner

But everyone just calls me “Mulley”
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