Special Edition

A story about power, influence, and scandal….part 2???


The above is Little St. James a 72-acre island owned by one Jeffery Espstein. Back in September, 2016 I wrote a newsletter outlining what his then purchase of Great St. James a neighboring island would mean for island development and impact on St. John.

Understand before you read - this is my ball field, bat, glove and of course, ball. I'm talking about, “Ur St. John FiX “Special Edition”. It's mine. You may agree or disagree with the following; that's certainly your prerogative and you're welcome to “vent” your conscience. Be specific and use facts, not tirades or personal attacks. Attacks just piss me off and I won't respect your comments.

The following is my opinion of “Sir Jeffery” as he liked to be called on Little St. James when he's in residence. I suspect that's an ego trip comparison he'd like to Sir Richard Branson, a well-respected, philanthropic individual also to owning a Caribbean Island. Definitely do not equate Jeffery Epstein in any way, shape or form to Sir Richard Branson!


Jeffery Epstein is a real lowlife slug. He was convicted in a negotiated plea by a Federal Judge in 2008 of sexual misconduct deeds and sentenced to 18 months, of which he did 13 in a Florida County lockup country club environment. Where he was released six days a week up to 12 hours a day to work on his “charity.” Just so happens the charity was dissolved immediately after his jail release.

Epstein is a registered sex offender as a direct/indirect result of preying on female children as young as 14 years old. But unlike Jared of Subway who was a mere decamillionaire convicted of sex crimes who receiving fifteen years of incarceration - Epstein is different. See when you have only millions like Jared that goes pretty fast when your ex-wife gets half and your attorneys pretty much take the rest.

No, Epstein is in a whole different animal of sex offender. In 2008 he had political connections including a past, present and a future president. Coupled with a slew of very, very powerful individuals he could be counted upon for influence. His purported wealth at that time approached two billion dollars. In his 2008 defense, Jeffery Epstein engaged more Ivy League lawyers than likely the whole federal government has employed.

His attorneys used connections, influence and yes, possibly, money to cut ole “Sir Jeff” the best sweetheart possible deal and they succeeded. Instead of Epstein getting a well-deserved 45 years in the slammer and being 100 years old when he got out of jail, he received a slap on the wrist in Federal Court and served 13 months!


Now ten years later Jeffery Epstein is again arrested not on new charges but those stemming from pre-2008 transgressions. This is due to the Federal Judge in the original agreement sealing records making them unavailable to the injured young female girls Jeffery defiled.

Thanks to Julie Brown a Miami Herald journalist who possessed bulldog tenacity this led to his 2019 arrest. Interesting to note that Epstein's former wealth of 2 billion dollars has now dwindled down to a paltry $559M. Still a whole lotta bucks!


I'm not a Democrat or Republican but in fact, an Independent. So, don't go hanging a Left/Right label on me.

This newest arrest a full ten years after the original of one of the most vial individuals that we have walking around the country in my opinion is entirely wrong!

Whether I or you, like it or not, Epstein and his lawyers cut a nearly impossible deal to his benefit in 2008 using influence, brilliant legal work and of course money. This newest arrest thus far reveals no transgressions since the original ones prior to 2008 with underage children.

During my decades in business I’ve made $1,000,000 deals on a handshake.  Most fortunately were beneficial to me.  But on occasion, I made bad deals; nevertheless, when they were bad I still performed and ate the loss and walked away to lick my wounds. The Epstein case to me is no different.

The Federal Government initially made a “bad deal” and Jeffery Epstein totally benefitted. Now the Government is saying “Oh, we screwed up in 2008 so let's go after this bastard again ten years later!” Sorry in life we don't get “do overs” and Feds, if you're listening, you did the deal setting this bastard free. You don't get the luxury of a second chance shot to convict him for essentially the same crimes.

Note – as of right now, to my knowledge, there's no new sex charges filed against Jeffery Epstein after the 2008 conviction. Not saying he hasn't persisted in doing wrong to young girls and women, just saying, he hasn't been caught with underage young girls since.

Again, Epstein should not have been arrested this second time. This is entirely my opinion; I'm not saying right or wrong just the facts as I see them.

Have a great Summer!