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A Little Something Different For A Change of Pace. First, there was Angel’s Rest - A floating bar owned by Captain Pete and it was a “real” 40 ft pontoon boat that could motor up and move. Captain really didn’t care how you got on his yellow contraption – just as long as you did. It was primarily in Hansen’s Bay about 50 yards off Via’s Beach most of the time. It was a crazy place and as long as you didn’t hurt yourself or someone else Captain always welcomed you aboard.

Hurricane IRMA did a number on Angel’s Rest. IRMA went one direction - Captain Pete well, he went in a different direction. Vowing to recreate his St. John icon. Don’t know what happened to Pete after that pronouncement.


But as life will have it - here comes a replacement Lime Out!


I really don’t know much about Lime Out except it’s the brainchild of the couple that owns Lime Inn in Cruz Bay along with some Coral Bay friends. My facts are limited. See when I was there in May for nearly three weeks, I didn’t go to the beaches as I was busy at the villas getting everything done in preparation for your arrival.

But here’s what I do know. This bar/restaurant is situated in Hansen’s Bay but it sits about 150’ from shore. It doesn’t allow you to swim or snorkel out and just climb aboard. You’ll need some mode of floatation other than a pool raft or noodle to get there from shore. Prices are pretty aggressive with taco’s in the $7.00 to $10.00 range but likely justified by the need to deliver food to the boat.

“Some” Coral Bay locals don’t like it but that’s expected. This group detests anything new or different. Likely these are the same guys vowing never to pay taxes to the IRS, and if in Philadelphia at an Eagles game were last seen throwing ice balls at Santa Clause!

To get to Hansen’s Bay from Cruz Bay take Centerline Road at the roundabout past Dolphin Market all the way to Coral Bay enjoy the views en route and don’t hit the “damn” donkeys in the road! Once in Coral Bay go straight past Skinny Legs.

Keep looking right out at the bay and you’ll soon spot Lime Out in the water. You have arrived! Parking is on the left.

Sorry I can’t give you more details until I arrive back on STJ. I’ll then figure out how the Hell to get to Lime Out without spending a Damn fortune renting a paddle board (which I likely would drown), kayak, charter boat or other expensive mode of rental transportation. Until my next arrival and first hand experience, I’m counting on you to give me intel and information on this floating bar just email me your observations and thoughts. Thanks!

Now here’s a subject about as popular as Roe vs Wade with correct answer. But let’s see if I help you a little bit. First, take into consideration there is no sales tax on any purchase you make – nada, zilch! Normally states charge a sales tax then local sales tax. This can really add up for example my adopted home state Texas, charges about 8% sales tax and where I spend most of my time Colorado it’s around 10%.

Hey, but if you’re lucky enough to live in Illinois you get to pay upward of 12% state and local sales tax. This is a direct function of the number of jailed politicians needing new golf balls and tennis rackets during their incarceration! Anyway, I got off the subject at hand – just making an observation to you pool Illinois bastards.

Taxi’s Baggage Handlers -
For taxi and baggage handlers at the ferries. I generally pay nothing for taxi drivers. They are already making a good fee for the ride. Ferry baggage handlers generally $1.00/bag upon arriving on St. John. On St. John when you arrive and depart there is a guy with a baggage cart – I pay him $2.00/bag.

Greeters –
As long as this individual does a little something extra for you. Like stopping for groceries on the way, carrying you bags in or waiting longer than expected at the ferry. Probably $20.00 tip will do if two or four of you.

Do not tip the villa owner, his relatives or management company owner they have already gotten paid one way or another. Representatives “yes” owners “no.”

Boating –
Lot’s of charters on St. John from fishing to island hopping to snorkeling. You should give 15% to 20% of your total price for captain and crew to split among themselves.

Dining/Bars –
This is really a “hot” topic. Everyone rationalizes that what they leave for a tip is absolutely right. Ok, remember after you lay down that knife and fork and the bill arrives you have already saved around 10% with no sales tax. So, for the love of God – DON’T BE CHEAP! If service was acceptable 20%, if outstanding 25%, island waitstaff is making minimum wage.

While sitting at a bar which I’ve been known to do on many an occasion, such as High Tide, Beach Bar (when running) almost any place on island I try to be generous and leave at least $5.00 tip for two drinks whether Heinekens or Pain Killers.

Villa Cleaning Lady-
I say “lady” as men don’t clean a villa worth crap! Depending on size, two bedroom one week I leave $25.00 bigger places with more bedrooms more. Let your conscience be your guide.

Summary –
So there you have it “Mulley’s Tipping Guide,” oh, it’s not all inclusive but gives you a flavor of what to do for major island events.


Let’s get serious for a minute. I still have a about six weeks open for July and August between both villas. As returning guests this year you are still getting 10% weekly discount.

For those that are lurking and have been reading this monthly newsletter but never stayed with me - just for putting up with my crap you get 5% discount.

Letting you know ahead of time these discounts will likely change for 2020 and be reduced or eliminated.

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