Crazy Questions I Get All The Time.

How about a beach?

This beach is here and then again – it's not?  Getting to this beautiful strip of sand is pretty easy.  Just take the North Shore Road after you pick up lunch at Sam & Jacks and some canned beverages.  Go about a mile or so.  After a “pitch & putt” you'll see a big rock on the oceanside.  Best to get here a little early as there aren't too many parking spots.  This is the trailhead for Peace Hill Trail.  Take it and shortly you will see a narrow trail to your right.  This will lead you down to Denis Bay Beach.  On the Western edge is this little beach.



I've said this before. I love questions from potential guests. But in some cases, I just scratch my head and attempt to respond in kind. Here's a couple that just might brighten your day and put a smile on your face.

Question –

How many people can stay in your villa? It say's five at your website:

Answer – Hum – Does five sound bout right?


Question –

Can you waive the 12.5% Hotel Tax? That's too expensive and no one will ever know.

Answer –

Absolutely!  Let me have your social security number and home address. I'll be delighted to relay this information to the USVI Internal Revenue Service. They'll be happy to knock on your door and explain the penalties of Tax Fraud to you while collecting their Hotel Tax.


Summer is moving along really fast and I trust each of you are enjoying it to the max. For you procrastinators, I still have three weeks available in August so let me know if a last minute stay is in your future. By the way plane fares appear to be coming down.

Some of you (ok, most of you) are really, really crazy! My big discount period in case you didn't know is “ Value Season” it runs from late August to early October. Thus including, September peak hurricane season. But NO! You don't listen to me and go ahead and book my villas anyway! Now, every single night in September is rented by you “damn” insane island lovers!

By the way, I'm very grateful for your rentals! But that still doesn't mean you aren't certifiable! Just wanted you to know. Kinda like me, I will be there most of September camping out as you enjoy both Bordo Mare and Sopra Mare.

October is normally a pretty busy rental month due to parents like you getting rid of kids back to school. This of course was compounded by your mental stress attempting to financially juggle budgets while figuring out which piggy bank you're going to “steal” college tuition from, thus allowing Junior to gleefully anticipate funds for his next big keg party.

But now it's over, and time for you to selfishly plan some welcome downtime on my little island getaway. Let me know what weeks appeal to you. Right now October is pretty much open to whenever you want to arrive.

Well that about says it all for this edition. Thank you for subscribing and I hope I've added a little something to your daily lives!

Til next time! “I’ll Leave The Light On At Your Island Home”
- Mulley