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So, what does the owner do when he comes to St. John??


Some of the things I do is the same as I hope you will. See, I rented a center console dingy from Bad Kitty for the day. Nothing like exploring the North Shore from a boat. I can only tell you so much about beaches from the land and this is a whole different experience. By the way, that “crappy” pic above is yours truly!


Ever been here? 👆 If you snorkel it’s one of the best places on the island. A little hard to get to by hiking but a piece of cake with our little dingy. Better known as:

Watermelon Cay!

If you’ve been to St. John at Maho or Cinnamon Bay Beaches and looked westerly you probably wondered what this island was and the building above. It was purported to be a guard house when Danish soldiers shot runaway slaves swimming to escape the plantations of St. John. 
Not true, in actuality this 1800’s stone building was a Customs House maintained by the Danish Government to inspect vessels between Danish West Indies and British Islands with the sole purpose of seeking out smugglers which was very common back then and in some manner still exists with drug trafficking.  
At the east end of this island there is great snorkeling for the more experienced individual and you just “mite” spot a shark or two. Also on the east end is a small passage you can walk through but it’s rocky so bring booties. Give up yet? Don’t know what it is?  It's:

Whistler Cay!

The two pirates above were my dingy partners for the day and in the case of one much more than that! Here we see them enjoying a 12 oz. Famous Grande Tequila Hot Pepper Margarita after a hard day of dingy travels and awesome snorkeling! Where you say?

Margarita Phil's


I rented the center console dingy from Bad Kitty. I recommend the center console as opposed to the traditional dingy. As it has a dry storage compartment, is a little higher and therefore less water in the boat. Cost $220.00 by credit card and $30.00 cash for gas. I highly recommend you do this for a full day – half day rentals are just not enough time to explore the beaches and snorkeling areas.  
By the way, I really didn’t know much about Whistler Cay until after the dingy experience. I talked to the Park Rangers and they told me it wasn’t part of the park. WRONG! Maybe that’s why the roof hasn’t been replaced – the US Park Service hasn’t figured out yet they owned it!


The dingy trip was my only “touristy” (is that a word?) thing I did on the island last week. I usually spend two weeks each year on both villas. During that time I’m assessing what needs to be done for repairs, improvements, and replacements. The week before I arrived, I had a family staying that had not been with me before.  Wouldn’t you know it – one of the damn air conditioning units conked out and they were without AC for three days.
The motor needed to come from North Carolina and even though I FedEx shipped it; nevertheless, it was stuck in Customs as it was Carnival on St. Thomas and the island comes to a screeching halt!  
Anyway, I really felt bad for the guests not having air on their vacation so emailed them and made a suggestion. Don’t think they will mind my sharing their response with you.


It happens, it was a bit uncomfortable at times, but the view made up for it. Your place is spectacular, the location, the view, the amenities, we loved it. It was perfect for relaxation. We do plan to come back and will take your offer up, just not sure when that might be. Either Fall of 2018 or Spring of 2019 is my guess since we have much planned until then. I think we’ll come back every other year, it’s just perfect. Thanks again for the offer Mike, we appreciate it.

When things go wrong and they invariably will, as an owner, I always attempt to put myself in the place of the guest and do whatever it takes to make them happy. You can be assured I will do the very same for you every single time you stay with me!
Now did you really expect I wouldn’t do at least a little “Shameless Marketing” in this newsletter? Don’t forget just by reading this rag I’ll give you a 5% discount on any week except my “Value Season” which is 25% discount from August 19th – October 6th Saturday to Saturday only.  
Still got some great summer weeks left in July and August and you returning guests know I treat you especially well.


Hope you liked the information provided and just maybe it’ll add a little something to your St. John vacation experience.
Summer is just around the corner – have a great one. I’ll “Leave The Lite On” for you at your island home – Bordo Mare and Sopra Mare.
Mike Mullen – Owner
But everyone just calls me “Mulley”
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