Best St. John Restaurants 2019:

These two were chosen for their excellent cuisine. BEst to get there early and make reservations well in advance. Make sure you bring your wallets – cause these two “ain't” cheap. Expect to drop a hundred dollar bill or more per person.

Ocean 362:

I run hot and cold on this place. I say hot and cold because I've had some great meals but also in all honesty, a couple of not so great. It is located upstairs in Gallows Point. Definitely, make an early hour reservation and get a table directly facing the water for great sunsets. I recommend the Catch of The Day. Heard some great things about the bartender being a true drink specialist.


Tel: (340) 776 0001

Extra virgin Bistro:

Extra Virgin Bistro doesn’t have a view and it can be noisy. However, the quality of the food more than makes up for any short comings. I highly recommend either seared tuna or cheese ravioli.


Tel: (340) 715-1864

Second Down Recommendations:

These restaurants are every bit as good as Top Tier, but just lack that direct ocean and sunset view. Also, you “may” not have to hold onto your wallet with both hands at these places.

Morgan's Mango:

Great funky favorite restaurant one block from Mongoose Junction right across the street from the Jost Van Dyke ferry departure terminal. I really like this place and it feels real islandy. Get a table close to the street – good people watching regardless of when you’re there. For a refreshing drink try the Mango Tango – it’ll knock your socks off, if you’re wearing any.

Try the Creamy Seafood Paella it’s a A Caribbean twist on a traditional dish. Fresh mahi, shrimp, mussels & calamari sautéed with peppers, onions, peas & rice, with a cream sauce. I’ve never gotten further on the menu than this dish. 

I recommend reservations if during the winter season.  If you go, tell Carlos, the owner, “Mulley” sent you!  Have a great time.


Tel: (340) 693-8141

The Terrace:

I actually started off with a bad incident at this place. It was October and I got here early with not another guest or staff in sight,  Took a rail table and waited. Pretty soon a waiter arrives and orders me to move saying all the rail tables are reserved! Told him that was not the case, he just wanted two people at the table. Anyway, we got into a shouting match and I demanded to see the manager. Actually, the owner came out from the kitchen settled us down and I got my rail table and two free drinks. I've been back a number of times since and always get the same thing – Colorado Rack of Lamb. I've never tasted a rack better and I live in Colorado.


Tel: (340) 779 8550


While this place doesn't have an ocean view it's certainly got a view. Located right on the street next to Woody's you have a constant flow of locals passing your table. Make sure you sit outside and enjoy the people. I usually don't have dinner here but opt for their cheese board and an order of mussels.


Tel: (340) 693 7755


This and That:

Miss Lucy's: 

Again in Coral Bay, great for Sunday Brunch and they usually have some Blue's music going. But get there early and have a Mimosa.


Tel: (340) 693 5244

Other Cruz Bay Spots:


Only place with a drive through beer window and you just might spot Kenny Chesney.


Tel: (340) 779 4625

Beach Bar:

Music and hold a green beer while you rest your feet on the wall and watch the ocean and sunset.


Tel: (340) 777 4220

High Tide:

Closest place to the ferry dock. Again, music good drinks and good food.


Tel: (340) 714 6169